The Canatella/Metro-Office Supply is designed as an intelligent, sustainable response to our client’s requirements for an iconic building that would successfully integrate the diverse needs of two different commercial entities.

The dental clinic program required us to completely recast the notion of dental practic from a worrisome chore to a luxurious spa-like experience; while the program for the office supply company required an efficient and flexible distribution and operation center with a focus on teamwork and creativity. The resulting building design accommodates individual identities and needs, linked together in a rational, unified design.

The interiors, at the dental office, were planned and designed to reduce patient anxiety levels. Large areas of low-e glazing were employed to allow views out of the operatory areas reducing the trapped feeling patients often feel while visiting the dentist. Custom designed millwork was created to completely shield all equipment and instruments from the patient’s view, further reducing the anticipatory grief patients often feel when walking into the office. The waiting room was designed to be comfortable and functional patient amenity. The design includes a coffee, juice and “hygiene” bar, WIFI access and flexible furniture that would allow patients to be productive and relaxed while waiting for their appointment.


The interiors of the office supply company were designed around a flexible “Team Lounge” where employees conduct informal meetings to share ideas and information. Distribution and sales are located in an open plan setting allowing sales staff the ability to easily monitor inventory levels and delivery. Large glass and steel roll-up doors satisfied our client’s requirements for a work environment that could be opened up to the outside during temperate days, providing cross ventilation and day-light to the office interiors.

The project utilized sustainable and recycled materials for both its structure and finishes. Low VOC paints and formaldehyde free insulation were specified to improve the indoor air quality at all interior spaces. The design incorporates proven passive solar and thermal design strategies to reduce thermal transfer at the building envelope. The steel structure was designed to provide a lifetime of interior configuration possibilities insuring a use cycle that would outlive the initial tenants.



Canatella Dental/Metro-Office Supplies

Metairie LA / Project Currently Bidding


10,000 sqft

6501 Spanish Fort Blvd • New Orleans • LA 70124