The MOUSA Southeast Louisiana Operations Center is located in one of the hardest hit areas of coastal Louisiana. In response to the client’s need for a mission critical facility capable of maintaining operational ability during and after a Category 5 storm event;MetroStudio developed a building that, through it’s planning and system design, is capable of providing power, data, telecommunication, and physical support to the company’s key operational personnel during a disaster.

MetroStudio completely repurposed an existing office complex to meet the needs of the client’s strict requirements. The existing building was stripped to the frame. Provisions were made during demolition to recycle and reuse storm damaged materials as much as possible.

The building’s entire core systems were removed and redesigned, employing more energy and resource efficient air handling and water systems. The company’s office standards were adjusted to an open plan configuration employing an energy efficient lighting scheme that utilizes photo and occupancy sensors to intelligently integrate daylighting with electric lighting.


The new building’s core systems were designed to be fully integrated into a DCS (digital control system) energy management system that allows for real-time monitoring and control of energy usage throughout the entire facility.

The building’s data/telecommunication system is designed around a new fiber optic spine that is hardwired to the plant’s operation center one mile away. The digital spine links the plant with the new 2,000sf data center at the building. Should the fiber optic line become damaged or destroyed during a disaster the entire command and control system is backed up by a new microwave transmission tower located on top of the building which allows for seamless connection to all plant systems.

The building’s electrical system is supported by a large capacity generator plant. This new power plant and UPS systems allows the building to seamlessly move “Off Grid” in the event of catastrophe providing continuous power to the data and operational centers of the building.



Murphy Oil USA

St. Bernard Parish LA / August 2008


45,000 sqft

6501 Spanish Fort Blvd • New Orleans • LA 70124