MetroStudio established its New Orleans office in 2006 in response to the Principals’ (Robert Zwirn and Kenneth Gowland) desire to play a role in the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. With a combined 50+ years of professional experience the firm personnel possess a wide range of experience, including backgrounds in large and small institutional, aviation and commercial projects (schools, museums, high rise office towers, multi-family, hospitality, health care, as well as single family residential). MetroStudio’s current projects range from the restoration and re-use of historic buildings, to the design and construction of large scale commercial structures. Rather than specializing in any one area of practice, the firm benefits from the experience of working across an array of project types. The firm utilizes a collaborative approach to design where client, consultant, builder and firm personnel work together to address the challenges and desires inherent to any project. MetroStudio believes that architecture must be specific and responsive to the challenges surrounding each project. Each site and project is unique; the individual conditions, be they climate, topography, program, budget, or aspiration, must all be given the proper respect and response. MetroStudio firmly believes in architecture’s ability to provide lasting solutions to the issues in our physical, social, and cultural environments. MetroStudio believes that project solutions that are less resource intensive, functional, and adaptive over the long term will provide lasting value to both our clients and the community. MetroStudio has garnered national recognition for its ability to formulate inventive and expedient solutions to the problems of the built environment. MetroStudio utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the development and documentation of our client’s project solutions. This system allows the firm to fully test and coordinate project requirements and information between the owner, consultants, contractors and fabricators. The firm routinely utilizes BIM during construction and bidding to help illustrate key project challenges and requirements to bidders and sub-contractors, resulting in fewer delays, and faster resolution.Since its inception, the firm has consistently worked to develop strong partnerships with local regulatory agencies in an effort to support our clients' need for timely project approvals. MetroStudio has successfully provided support to our clients for zoning approvals, variances, conditional use approvals, Historic District approvals, State Fire Marshal appeals/ approvals, DHH approvals, etc. The firm understands that this is a key component of the services that it provides.MetroStudio will continue to grow and develop with our clients and our community. Since its inception, the firm has continually expanded both in terms of size and scope of services. We recognize that every problem is an opportunity to employ creativity and ingenuity for lasting and positive effect; MetroStudio works to bring people and place together.