MetroStudio was one of six firms selected through an open global completion to design a sustainable, carbon neutral, mixed use development for the storm ravaged Holy Cross District of New Orleans. The design solution created by MetroStudio integrated residential, commercial and institutional programs into a sustainable design that would prove to be socially and economically viable.

Key to the design process was the thoughtful consideration and utilization of proven building design characteristics that are evidenced in the unique architectural heritage of the region. This thorough study, of the performative characteristics of structures, created in the past two centuries of settlement in New Orleans allowed the design to not only respond to the local site


ecology; but to root itself in the history, culture, and fabric of the community. The combination of modern technology and innovative vernacular strategies guided the entire development of the project.

The design employed several sustainable features including: solar hot water generation, grey water reclamation, PV paneling, Solar screening and a closed loop ground coupled heat pump. Energy modeling for the proposed design showed a 90% reduction in energy consumption from carbon generating sources and a 95% reduction in energy costs to the development’s inhabitants.



Global Green International

New Orleans LA / Short-Listed Phase II Proposal


40,000 sqft mixed use program on 1.5 acre site

6501 Spanish Fort Blvd • New Orleans • LA 70124