Fighting Fire with Hand Grenades
On May 16th 2009 the Original Tropical Isle Nightclub sustained catastrophic damage as a result of a fire. Reopening the business required an arduous; complete renovation but also presented many opportunities.

MetroStudio worked with the tenants to develop a much more efficient bar/kitchen layout and floor plan. The mechanical, lighting and sound systems were enhanced and the viability of the 146 yr old building was ensured for decades to come with the addition of a new internal structural bracing system. The custom engineered bracing system was designed to be completely invisible; preserving the historic appearance and character of the building.

Project interiors were completely redone and rebranded to work within the Tropical Isle’s “Tiki” inspired brand image. Central to the project plan is the


new stage with wrap around bar. The entire feature is crowned by a custom built bamboo “Palapa” inspired by the owner’s travels thought the Caribbean.

Bar infrastructure was completely redone; with high volume direct delivery systems specifically chosen for the ability to meet the bars customer volume and demand for signature cocktails. The entire renovation was executed in an extremely compressed timeframe to meet the schedule demands New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Convention schedule.

The renovation guarantees that the Original Tropical Isle will remain one of the most popular destinations in the French Quarter, while retaining one of oldest structures in the Vieux Carre.



Una Mae LLC

French Quater, NOLA / May 2010


7,187 sf

6501 Spanish Fort Blvd • New Orleans • LA 70124